Memories… photography (18)

I love to travel. And to take photos! So, these awful days, when it’s still hard to visit new or old places, I try to remember the beauty of the days I traveled, and therefore to hope soon we’ll be able to travel again everywhere. I’ll post here pictures from the places I was luckyContinue reading “Memories… photography (18)”

Mud Volcanoes / Vulcanii Noroiosi

Unique in Romania, beautiful in their weirdness, Mud Volcanoes is a site worth to see. Enjoy few photos with it: Unici in Romania, Vulcanii Noroioși sint frumosi in ciudatenia lor si merita vazuti. Iata citeva fotografii: For more pictures with Beautiful Mud Volcanoes (volume 12 of the series Beautiful Places) visit Amazon. Cîteva fotografii potContinue reading “Mud Volcanoes / Vulcanii Noroiosi”