SOS Cultura! – „Asociația Ospitalitatea Culturală” sprijină cultura!

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Subfinanțată și pusă la colț în vremuri relativ normale, cultura s-a dovedit o victimă predilectă și la vremuri de criză pandemică. Cu sălile de spectacole și concerte, muzeele, expozițiile, librăriile etc, închise pe termen nedefinit, cu toate marile festivaluri internaționale, care au adus consacrare culturii române în lume, suspendate…

“Perfect storm”

There is nothing “perfect” in this “storm”, even the term is accurate designated to express something really bad… Thirty years of stupid, corrupt and careless politics let the Romanian health system weak, and brought it step by step on the edge of a clinical death. The effects were sadly once fully visible with Colectiv tragedyContinue reading ““Perfect storm””

All profit from the sale of my books will be donated to the fight against Corona virus!

All profit from the sale of my books will be donated to the fight against Corona virus! Here are some links: Amazing Rome in black&white: Let the images talk! & Eternal Rome! A photographic journey. Gorgeous Krakow: A photographic journey Romanian Castles and Fortresses (3 books): I: II: III:


Every day we are bombed with violent, sexual or shocking images. I am against! I am for simplicity, beauty, purity. Probably it won’t sell as well, but I will not renounce my campaign of gaining at least a bit of innocence back. So I present you a picture called Simplicity: