Iluzia academică

A fost o vreme cînd știința era cu, despre și pentru oameni. Sînt convins că undeva la capătul liniei (ca să nu zic al tunelului) ea încă mai este așa. Dar, pe traseu, ea își pierde din vedere scopul, sensul. Și cînd zic știință, nu mă refer doar la științele exacte, ci la toate disciplineleContinue reading “Iluzia academică”

Life is not a fractal in Hilbert’s space

This paper focuses at one of Ioan Petru Culianu main idea: Religion is an ideal object, which means it is a fractalic system. To decipher what exactly this assertion of Culianu means, this study will track it back toward the sources of Culianu, briefly examining the concept of ‘fractal’ in Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory and its processing in Rudy Rucker’s view. After presenting the point of view of Culianu, this article will end with an analysis on the selected topic.

Conceptualizing Culianu’s Model

Conceptualizing Culianu’s Model David, D (Dorin David) This article was first published in the volume of the conference: SGEM International Multidisciplinary Scientific Conferences on Social Sciences and Arts: Anthropology, Archaeology, History and Philosophy, Albena, Bulgaria, 1-10 September 2014. pp 715-720. Sofia: Stef92 Technology Ltd. AbstractThis article will delineate a set of aspects of Ioan PetruContinue reading “Conceptualizing Culianu’s Model”

A Different Perspective on Arche using Culianu’s Model

Since the beginning of philosophy in Europe, philosophers have asked themselves several questions of major significance, and arrived at different conclusions. One of these constitutes the subject of this article, which was considered of notable importance, at least during the time of Greek philosophy: the search for an arche (alpha rho chi eta), the first principle of reality. Firstly, this study will take a short look at this aspect of the history of philosophy. Secondly, it will describe and analyze Culianu’s model, as briefly and accurately as possible. Finally, it will investigate Culianu’s theory on the chosen subject (arche), to see if Culianu’s model also applies in the case of philosophy.