Catching the Wind

I wanted to see the wind, to catch it in a picture! This is actually a bloomed chestnut in front of my window, in a windy day. I used long expose time to seize the movement, to “catch” the wind. I like the result, so I want to share it with you. Available on canvasContinue reading “Catching the Wind”

Holocaust Remembrance Day – Yom HaShoah

“Never forget! Never again!” From today, the Hardcover Edition in the memory of the victims: Auschwitz-Birkenau When People were not Humans with dust-cover, printed on matte photo paper by Blurb, is available on Amazon: Also, 2019 March of the Living could be seen here.

Home is where your heart is…

Home is where your heart is… and my heart is with my family! I testify the truth of this saying… I used to live in so many houses: I grew up in Agnita (Transylvania), I spent my youth and found my love in Cluj-Napoca, then I moved with her and my first kid in Brasov,Continue reading “Home is where your heart is…”


Every day we are bombed with violent, sexual or shocking images. I am against! I am for simplicity, beauty, purity. Probably it won’t sell as well, but I will not renounce my campaign of gaining at least a bit of innocence back. So I present you a picture called Simplicity: