O surpriză, chiar aici

De cînd am început să mă joc mai mult cu blogul acesta, să-i cotrobăi prin cotloane și să-i învăț încet secretele, am ajuns la o statistică foarte interesantă legată de istoricul vizualizărilor. Pot să spun că am avut chiar o surpriză. Plăcută, firește, și în același timp, grăitoare. Așa cum se vede în imaginea deContinue reading “O surpriză, chiar aici”

“Perfect storm”

There is nothing “perfect” in this “storm”, even the term is accurate designated to express something really bad… Thirty years of stupid, corrupt and careless politics let the Romanian health system weak, and brought it step by step on the edge of a clinical death. The effects were sadly once fully visible with Colectiv tragedyContinue reading ““Perfect storm””

Can we save Venice?

When I read news like this: Venice will be under water by 2100, I think: we must save Venice! Can we? YES, we can! I always think big, but this is bigger than me, and every individual. But together we can do it. We did the impossible: we walked on the Moon, we sent VoyagerContinue reading “Can we save Venice?”


Every day we are bombed with violent, sexual or shocking images. I am against! I am for simplicity, beauty, purity. Probably it won’t sell as well, but I will not renounce my campaign of gaining at least a bit of innocence back. So I present you a picture called Simplicity:

Stop Hate!

It’s so weird to see people from a minority despising other minority… Or, immigrants in a foreign country detesting other immigrants, just because they come from another continent… Or from another religion; another sexual orientation; and so on… Unfortunately I’m seeing hate in all forms, on a daily basis, and I’m sick of it. IfContinue reading “Stop Hate!”


Our world is becoming more and more a Terra Incognita. Even we know all the territories… It’s our way of being, of acting. We are strangers! Strangers to others, and increasingly strangers to ourselves… Of course, there is still time. We need to think more. Cogito ergo sum is more than ever true.   Here’sContinue reading “HIC SVNT LEONES”

We are all cyborgs!

And that’s a good thing, thinks Andy Clark, a philosopher and cognitive scientist. He considers that our mind extends into the world and is regularly entangled with a whole range of devices. That’s why we are all cyborgs, in the most natural way. An insightful article by Larissa MacFarquhar in The New Yorker. In hisContinue reading “We are all cyborgs!”

O înmormîntare… tristă

Am ridicat privirea din carte exact atunci. Prin fața ferestrei, pe partea cealaltă a drumului, trecea molcom o procesiune de înmormîntare. Procesiune e cam mult spus: trei oameni în frunte, cu crucea și praporii, vreo doi sau trei între ei și cei doi popi, mașina funerară, urmată de opt oameni, cinci femei și trei bărbați.Continue reading “O înmormîntare… tristă”