Despre Profesorul ADRIAN BEJAN în „Quartz Media LLC” (US)

Originally posted on Gogea's Blog:
Everything created is predicted by nature: Foto: Trees, streams, and traffic patterns all follow the same rule of flow. (Ephrat Livni) „The Duke University professor responsible for this theory, Adrian Bejan, received the 2018 Franklin Institute Medal for mechanical engineering on April 19. According to constructal law, all animate or inanimate…

Sensational Matterhorn

Matterhorn is unique! And as such, this piece of art is unique: only one original available, making the value of it inestimable. Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the world, one of the most beautiful, and for sure my favorite! Like an original painting, this fine art photo is original and oneContinue reading “Sensational Matterhorn”

Perfect Flowers in B&W

A new collection #Saatchi Art! Thanks to their wonderful colors usually the flowers are at their best in color images. Yet there are some flowers, so delicate, so silky, that they look better in black and white. They actually are perfect. That’s the reason behind this collection I share with you: ‘Perfect Flowers in B&W.’Continue reading “Perfect Flowers in B&W”