Memories… photography (26)

I love to travel. And to take photos!

So, these awful days, when it’s still hard to visit new or old places, I try to remember the beauty of the days I traveled, and therefore to hope soon we’ll be able to travel again everywhere. I’ll post here pictures from the places I was lucky to visit before this pandemic. So join me in this imaginary, yet real, journey.


26. Krakow, Poland


Published by dorin

Full time husband and father; full time writer; full time artist (#fineartphotography). And in the free time, I like to travel, to read and to learn new stuff.

7 thoughts on “Memories… photography (26)

  1. Ehehei, Krakow! Iară un oraș pe care îl știu aproape l fel de bine ca pe al meu și mai bine decît Londra! Mi-a făcut plăcere să-l revăd. Cred că în vreo douăzeci de ani de drumuri ritmice am făcut și eu sute, poiate mii de poze, dar eu sînt un amator…

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