A fraudulent ‘journal’

As an author who published articles in the journal Transylvanian Review – edited by the Center for Transylvanian Studies of Romanian Academy – and also as a person interesting in online content, I found out about a fraudulent and fake journal, which stole the name and the image of Transylvanian Review.

Here is the original journal (http://www.centruldestudiitransilvane.ro/Lista.aspx?t=Review+2015+-+2035):

And below is the fraudulent one. To look genuine and professional, it is made with Public Knowledge Project’s software, so please be aware and do not send articles to it (https://transylvanianreviewjournal.org/index.php/TR/index):

I contacted the people from the real Transylvanian Review, they are aware of this situation, on their website there is a warning:


We recently learned about a website that claims to be the website of the journal published by the Center for Transylvanian Studies, Transylvanian Review, and that asks for money for publishing in Transylvanian Review. This is a fraudulent website! The only official website of the Center for Transylvanian Studies and its journal, Transylvanian Review, is the current website, http://www.centruldestudiitransilvane.ro. Any other website claiming to represent Transylvanian Review is fraudulent. The publication of articles in our journal is FREE OF CHARGE! The articles just need to address the scientific domains of the journal – Humanities and Social Sciences, and to pass the peer-review process.

I also contacted Public Knowledge Project to let them know about this, so now I’m waiting for their answer… I’m curios how the things will go, so I’ll keep you updated with this problem.

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