First Steps (26)

Struggle. Love. Cry. Hope.

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A novel first published in Romanian (Eikon 2017), available in English (translated by Mihaela Alecu) on Amazon (click on the image).

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Mircea was shyly getting closer to the bed. He started feeling the surface to find the space containing only the girls’ body wearing nothing but shorts. He touched her with his right foot, it twitched, in a reflex gesture. Ana was extremely tight, so that every tough tickled her.

“One,” she said.

“I didn’t even start,” he protested.

“It tickled, it counts!”

“Alright, alright.”

He walked his hand on her leg without detaching it anymore, so that Ana couldn’t count anymore. She, indeed, continued:


The boy reached the quadriceps femoris muscle. Ana tried to flex it, but it didn’t listen to her and it remained lax. Mircea jumped over the dressed area, above it. He felt her skin stretched over her tummy which bared no sign of fat.

“Where does all the food you eat go?” He asked her.

“Do you really want to know?” she asked him. “I could talk for hours about the digestive system.”

“No, no, no,” said Mircea quickly.

Ana thought that she saw his smile and she smiled back, blindness as well. Then, she kept her breath, waiting for his fingers to start playing on her skin like on a piano. But he wasn’t starting. The girl started breathing faster, her heart beats intensified. She couldn’t resist waiting, and she was about to ask him, when suddenly, unexpectedly, Mircea took his lips closer to her belly and kissed it.

“Three,” was all Ana got to say in a loud voice. Then, the counting continued in her head “four, five, six etc.” During that time Ana was busy succumbing to Mircea’s restless lips, who measured with them every centimeter of her skin. Ana didn’t even protest when the boy took her hands in his, and kept them close to the body. She was uncovered, but suddenly she was more relaxed about it. She couldn’t understand why, because she wasn’t wondering why. She leaned fondle, one breast after the other, then one shoulder after the other, then her neck, and in the end, her lips. Mircea was kissing her so softly and yet so passionately, that Ana lost herself. Her self-control was under the bed, knocked out by the senses, which had now taken possession of her body. Her hands were no longer listening to her and instead of continuing covering her breasts that were now hard with desire, were searching for Mircea’s T-shirt to take it off. And this was nothing, as they then went searching the boy’s shorts. The two hands that had never hold in their hands anything else but Ana’s lingerie, were now taking off the lingerie that dressed this body that weren’t a part of.

Mircea kissed her surrendering to her hands. He thought that now, however was a good moment to unzip her shorts as well. He broke loose from her tender kiss, because he was less handy and he approached his entire body to that area to be able to undo that stubborn zipper. Ana was now only wearing her lingerie, lying on the bed and breading like after a sprint.

Mircea whispered to her:

“Are you sure?” And he grabbed the edge of her underwear.

Ana caught his hands in her hands.


Mircea stopped.

“Do you have…?”

“What? A condom?”



Then Ana freed his hands and Mircea understood. Now, Ana was no longer Ana, as she was laying there on the bed, but Eve. And Mircea was Adam. The condom could have been the snake, so as not to neglect any character from the painting.

But, it was no painting. It was motion, slow and just as inexperienced on both sides, because it was the first time for them both; there were caresses, interrupted only occasionally by small groans; it was a fight between the two bodies, a fight for merger. Their union was not easy to reach, it undertook several trials and failures, and it was started over again. In their case, love won. And it went on for hours, unstoppable, because time never stands still. It was only in the morning that the two fell asleep in each other’s arms, exhausted and naked.

The other two slept almost naked as well, and they were so tired that they forgot to turn off the lamp beside the bed. Anyway, this ‘almost’ makes a huge difference when it comes to a piece of clothing as important as lingerie.

Ioan tickled and laughed at every touch. It was too much for him. He felt he was going to explode, if Amanda would not stop. And she didn’t plan to stop, it was her prize as a winner. He felt he was going mad; he had no control over his own body. He laughed unconsciously, like a crazy person, until Amanda would take a break. But when Amanda whispered to him “Wouldn’t it be better if you would take my T-shirt off as well?” she gained his interest and made him stop his roars of laughter.

Ioan didn’t wait any longer and took off her T-shirt. Amanda had no tank top, so she remained naked from her pants up. Her breasts were just a bit more generous than Ana’s, and Amanda was very proud of their perfect shape, of their firmness and last, but not least of their appropriate size. She didn’t want, by no means to have those giant and artificial breasts that some stars display on TV. No matter how many doors they can open and how easy they can support their beneficiaries in their career. Amanda preferred to have one that she deserved, not a formal one, or in the case she was considering one promoted by certain forms.

Ioan couldn’t get enough of kissing her breasts, of caressing it and sometimes grab them more firmly in his palm and squeezing them gently, other times massaging them softly and delicately. Amanda enjoyed it, it was one of her sensitive spots, as she had another one behind her knee. If Ioan would touch her there, she would go mad with pleasure. Now Amanda was thinking about letting him play a little bit more, for foreplay, because he liked it so much, and because it was very good for her as well, but then to remind him about the other place, definitely her favorite.

To maintain his rhythm, Amanda thought that she should start with a diversion.

“You know what?” she said to him. “These shorts are kind of tight.”

She stood up in front of him.

“Will you help me?” she asked him.

“Of course,” he confirmed and he kneed in front of her on the carpet.

Amanda unzipped and so she started the first stage of getting undressed, leaving the rest to him. To help it slide downwards on her legs. She lifted her left foot, then the right one, to make room for the shorts to fly free from her body, somewhere in the room.

Then she lifted her right leg and placed it on the young man’s lap. He caressed her knee, then slowly, he approached her most sensitive spot. Reaching her tight thigh, Ioan caressed it delicately. Then he turned her around, facing away from him, to reach with his lips the area that made her stretch like a cat while she was being pet.

“Do you like it?” he asked her.

“Oh, yes!” she sighed. “Don’t stop.”

Amanda laid on her stomach on the soft carpet, to give the boy free access to both her legs. Ioan could move freely, from one to the other, he could kiss them massage the, he could pinch them softly or he could press harder. As he pleased. No matter what he was going to do, Amanda enjoyed it terribly.

When Amanda felt it was enough, she turned around, facing up. She pulled Ioan next to her, and she kissed him passionately on his lips softened by her thighs. When Ioan walked his hand over her belly, Amanda discovered another sensitive area.

“Do that again here,” she said, placing his hand on her stomach, very close to the lace of her lingerie.

Ioan walked his hand back and forth, with his skillful painter fingers, while his lips were kissing hers. Amanda couldn’t stop kissing, but his shorts were bruising her. She stopped him for a moment, difficultly detaching her hungry lips from his.

“You have to get rid of these shorts,” she told him. “They are scratching me.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” he rapidly jumped up.

One short moment later his shorts were flying searching for hers. Ioan kept his boxers on to be on par with Amanda. She was happy like that, for one second she was afraid that he might continue with that last piece of clothing and she didn’t feel ready to see him completely naked, despite what she had declared.

She signaled him to move to the bed. Shivering she slipped under the sheet, although it was warm inside the cabin, she felt a new tingling on her spine. She thought that they weren’t coming from the outside, but from the inside, but instinctively she covered up to the neck. Ioan went under the sheets as well, displaying a charming smile. He caressed her hair, her cheeks, her lips. She caught one of his fingers between his lips, holding tight to it. He didn’t oppose, and he took her hand and kissed her wrist. She caressed his flat chest. She liked his chest, although it lacked completely the muscles of some of their athlete colleagues. Ioan looked like a child, if one were to consider only his chest and stomach. Only his slightly grim eyes, his gimlet gaze that seemed to try to always go beyond the surface, to the deeper layers, only this betrayed his age. Ioan was the first to come of age, and that only a few days later.

He had announced the big party planned for his birthday long time ago. Now, however, Amanda told him, with a large smile, caressing him on his stomach:

“Look, a preview for your birthday present.”

She kissed him intensely on his lips, while slipping her hand in his boxers. Amanda couldn’t refrain for showing a sign of surprise. But Ioan missed it, as he surrendered to her touch. Not to remain indebted he also took his hand slowly, towards her stomach, the lower, towards her most hidden part.

It wasn’t long until the two reached their limits. And when they couldn’t take it anymore, they gave up to their bodies. Which in the end made them both winners.



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