First Steps (17)

Struggle. Love. Cry. Hope.

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A novel first published in Romanian (Eikon 2017), available in English (translated by Mihaela Alecu) on Amazon (click on the image).

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The girls climbed the stairs quietly, although Ana could barely hold back the questions and, on the other side, Amanda too could barely hold back from telling her everything. Ana was not only her best friend and the sister she never had, but was also the person she trusted most and from whom she wouldn’t hide anything.

As soon as they closed the door behind them, the girls jumped into bed.

“Well?” asked Ana whispering.

“What?” Amanda pretended that she didn’t know what she was talking about.

“What do you mean ‘what’? Come on, tell me everything…”

“Well, there aren’t too many to be said,” Amanda whispered like a cat. And she lay down like a cat barely awakened from her sweet and warm sleep.

Ana was twittering.

“You are going to get it,” she told her smiling.

“Oh no,” the other one pretended to be scared.

Afterwards, after taking a deep breath, she started.

“It was so intense!” she said still whispering, and her face shined as it lighted by the sun’s rays, but the glow was now coming from the inside, “after you left, we kissed like crazy, I don’t even know for how long, non-stop. And I took off my t-shirt, and I was in my bra, and he took off his t-shirt and I could see his naked chest. He has such a beautiful chest, fragile and white like milk. Spotless, she said making a gesture with her hand, like a caress. I stood there and watched him for a long time, and he caressed the skin on my shoulders, he tickled me – but this time pleasantly, not how I get tickled when they start laughing like crazy – on the stomach, I felt shivers from every one of his touches. I touched him on his chest as well, and I felt him trembling. Then I softly caressed him on his stomach, he doesn’t have a six-pack like others, but his stomach is flat and his skin is soft and silky. I couldn’t hold back and I kissed it. Not to be outdone, he kissed my belly as well. But this time it tickled too much, I couldn’t take it anymore, so I pulled him upwards and he stopped with his face between my breasts.”

Amanda giggled.

“I thought he went crazy considering how he started kissing them, as much as he could, poor thing, where he could reach, you see that my bra is very tight and I’m not so well ‘equipped’ either–” she added immediately, laughing.

“Never mind, never mind, you are alright, what am I supposed to say?” Ana interrupted her. “And?”

“Well, I thought, if I take off my bra, what will happen? I said to myself that nothing bad could happen, because I enjoyed this new type of tickling, that I haven’t felt before. So, I pulled his head up, to be able to reach, I undid the clasp and I took off my bra. I was lucky it was only half-light in the room, otherwise I would have been terribly ashamed.”

She stopped for a while, than she shouted:

“Ana I cannot even begin to describe the sensations, the thrill I felt, the joy that grabbed me by surprise, when Ioan first stick his lips to the center of my little breast.”

Amanda put her hand on her left breast, as if she wanted to cover it and to close it there so as to preserve the memory.

“I let him play with my breasts, to kiss them, to caress them, I left him there with them and I went in a trip by the seaside, no, in fact in an interplanetary trip, an intergalactic trip! I passed by the Sun and I didn’t get burned, I just felt its heat. I flew through the cosmos at light speed and back to the Earth, in bed with Ioan. I could feel him, I knew he was above me, but I couldn’t feel his body, I mean, I couldn’t feel the weight of his body. Now, I know that he is thin, dear thing, but nonetheless he still has a few kilograms, at least as much as a kitten, but now I couldn’t feel a thing, as if there were only his kisses, which, still passionate, had moved from my breasts to my neck, then on the ear lobe, then on my lips filled with desire.”

“Wow, you should become a writer,” Ana told her. “I feel as if I were there with you… Ups, this doesn’t sound too good!” she nodded to cast away an unpleasant image. “I don’t think I would ever want this to happen!”

“But, suddenly,” continued Amanda without thinking about what Ana had said, “I did feel. I felt him. And she couldn’t bear it anymore, Amanda hid her face in the pillow, and I touched it with my hand…”

Ana stopped breathing. The tension was so high that it was possible to hear the seconds going by them, not daring, them either, to bother them.

“Of course, we had our pants on, thank God, otherwise I don’t know what might have happened. But, even so, I felt him as he is and I imagined as I wanted it to! And it was so beautiful… I caressed him over his pants and Ioan caressed me over my pants. I think I had… you know,” whispered Amanda strangled by emotion. “And him, he definitely did, because he floundered like a bird in the cage, he twitched, and he stained his pants.”

“What?” shouted Ana.

“But,” Amanda continued careless, “I did not mind. I never thought I would say this, but I enjoyed it. And I felt so accomplished, as if I had done something important.”

“It is important,” Ana backed her up.

“Yes, I think it is!”

She stopped.

“And?” Ana insisted.

“And that is it. I put my clothes on, Ioan went to the bathroom, washed himself, and came out wearing other clothes, clean ones and we came to the concert.”

“That it is? That’s all?” she couldn’t believe her years.

Ana was now more relaxed, and especially so happy for Amanda.

“That is all, yes,” continued Amanda, “but, next time I want to see it!” she said before running to the bathroom.

“Crazy,” Ana whispered to her. “You are crazy!”

 She run after her. They brushed their teeth shoving themselves and giggling as if in kindergarten.


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