The Numbness

(Translated from Romanian by Mihaela Alecu. For Romanian press here)


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At first it wasn’t scary, although it wasn’t a casual event. But now, two days after the second incident, M. started to be seriously concerned. At first it was the right hand. And when I say numbness, I’m wrong; in fact it was paralysis, because – suddenly – it couldn’t be moved at all. Waking up, M. blamed it on an entire night of sleeping like a rock, with the heavy head lying on the tired hand. It had happened before, like it often happened to me also and probably it happened to you too. But once you wake up, sleep numbness goes away, although with some painful stings, after a few minutes. And anyway, you can still fell your arm. M. on the other hand did not feel the arm at all. And not just for a minute or two, but for an entire day, until the right leg became numb as well.

M. was watching herself in the mirror: I’m still young, beautiful, she said to herself. The mirror of almost two over one meter provided her complete reflection and that of the surrounding space which filled in an organized manner the contour. After a day of work I still feel good. She took off her jacket and skirt, wearing only black lingerie, received not long ago from her lover. On the back she could read the embroidery Victoria’s Secret, and she asked herself whether that is a good brand or not. Anyway you couldn’t find it in the shops around here. She lazily opened the straps on her bra. The breasts are still firm, she thought to herself, grabbing them with her hands and softly clenching them. A sudden heat ran over her womb. She was now thinking of him, he had left for over two months and promised that soon he will take her with him. And yet she was still here, lonely, and him there, probably by himself just as lonely.

Only then it really became scary. The arm had come to its senses, but the leg, for over two days… Then came the thought of going to a doctor. But what if that would cause problems? Although no one could deny such right, the right to be healthy it is a universal one. She took off her underwear as well. She turned her back: she was pleased with the curvature of her bottom. Her stomach wasn’t bad either, although it had rounded off compared to a few years back, when she got caught up in the first serious fight with the one who was about to become her husband. Then they broke up, and even though she suffered for a while, now she’s better off and happy that she recognized the mistake before committing it for good. She missed him and she was watching herself naked in the mirror imagining how he would have looked at her. It’s too late to go to the doctor, M. thought. First thing tomorrow! M. took a seat holding a glass of wine in the left hand, not yet toughed by the weird numbing-paralysis. She slowly walked her hand across her chest, holding her eyes shut. With a little effort, she could imagine that it was his hand. M. took a sip of the red, semisweet, wine. Tomorrow, definitely tomorrow. Then she descended towards the womb, she played for a while with the center of her being which hand secured her existing inside her mother, and which was now a naughty, sensitive spot. I better watch some TV M. thought and simultaneously grabbed the remote control and turned the TV set on. She couldn’t stop here and reached with her hand flickering like a butterfly’s wings to the other center of her being, where he knew how to sink in so well. M. groaned. M. moaned. M. felt the entire body going numb, starting from the legs, continuing with the waist and ending with the head, he was unable to move. M. felt that her entire body was about to explode, she was unable to move.

Next morning, coming back from a night shift, C. found M. lying on the couch, naked, with a satisfied look still visible on her sleeping angelic face. Calling the emergency service C. testified she had found him stone-still, in the living room, with the TV on.

M. opened her eyes and smiled to her roommate. Only afterwards she realized she was naked, as she had fallen asleep last night. She suddenly felt cold or ashamed and tried to cover herself. C. stopped her with a smile. He leaned over and kissed her as only he knew how. It was the first time when M. kissed a girl; and vice versa, but C. confessed that seeing her so beautiful it was impossible to stop.

M. closed his eyes. Strangely, the pain wasn’t coming. He first thought it might be a good sign. Then, immediately after, he realized that cannot be. A tear appeared between the closed eyelids. C. pretended not to see it and became sad.

M. had her arms wrapped tight around C. A tear dropped free, uncensored. Although she hesitated for a moment she gave in the need to be hugged, kissed and loved. M. stopped thinking about what to say, if say it at all… They made love for hours, like crazy, insanely. Now, at least, they were resting.

M. never got to the hospital, but died on the way to it, holding tight C.’s hand. The doctors said it was a strange case, some sort of a heart attack with a delayed effect. While in the hospital, C. grabbed the phone to call his girlfriend, as she had promised M. Hello, answered C. is M. there? asked C. with a deem voice. Just one moment. It’s for you, said C. Hello, said M. I’m sorry, said C. M. died.

A few days after the funeral, M. got the visa for the United States. While getting on the plain, she promised C. she will also take her, soon. When getting off the plane, C. was waiting for her. A few months after, the two got married, M. forgetting all about her short, crazy and deep love with C. and about the deep, serious one which had lasted for several months with M. But she could not forget neither the one, nor the other. So she kept her memory, in her mind, forever. Back home, while making love with M., C. was thinking as well about how strange things settle in the end, as if someone would be playing with us at his self-will.


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