The Night

(Translated from Romanian by Mihaela Alecu.

For Romanian click here)

At first I thought I was dreaming. But I could hear the shouts clearer, from outside of me. Eventually I woke up and I listened: they were coming from outside. I turned on the lamp and I looked at the clock. It was to 2.17. I could not believe it. I did not live in a quiet neighborhood, it is true, but such strong shouts that could even wake me up despite my particularly heavy sleep I had never heard before. I walk to the window and I pushed the blinds away. There was nothing in my sight distance. The shouts only stopped for a few moments and I was ready to go back to bed when they started again. I stayed and analyzed my options: 1. to go out on the balcony to enhance my sight distance, 2. to go back to bed and try to sleep; 3. to call the police. In a normal country any regular citizen would have chosen the third option. To me however it seemed the worst of all three. Therefore, although it was winter, I put on my coat, my boots and I went out on the balcony. The street was well-lighted so I could look as much as I wanted. On the left you could not see anything. On the right, the same. Across the road, on the other side, no one. They cannot be anywhere else but beneath my balcony where I can’t see them. They continued to shout and swear. I looked over to the other balconies. No one came out, no one said anything. And I don’t think that they’re not bothered…

The cold is so biting that I cannot stay too long. I go back inside the room. I sit on one side of the bed, thinking about what to do next. I could climb down, to tell them nicely that it is night and I would like to sleep. I’m sure they would make an even bigger scandal, who knows maybe I’ll even get a broken jaw, or, worse, God forbid; if they are set to fight maybe one of them will take out a knife and cut me. Now it’s better to stay away from them. From upstairs however I cannot say anything to them, we cannot see each other and I would have to shout just as loud as them to make myself heard which is not a solution. This sort of thoughts quickly go through my mind, angst gets a hold of me little by little. I’m angry at the neighbors across the street who can see them, who can advert to them, but they do not go to the same cowardice I’m angry at now. I come back to the idea of calling the police. But until the police arrive if they arrive I still won’t get any sleep. Then I will have to give some declarations myself, to file a complaint, maybe even to go to court, who knows? Anyway I will no longer find peace with those three if I do something like that. And more and more upset on the system, which does not work properly for the citizen, on people who have no kind of common sense and on me. Especially on myself because I did not learn karate to go down and impose silence, by force if necessary.


Then it crossed my mind, like lightning, the solution. Childish it’s true, but it might work. I ran to the kitchen, I picked up a bottle, I open the window, I made sure no one was passing and I threw it. The bottle hitting the asphalt after a few seconds was like a bomb to me. The guys hesitated for a short while, then they started swearing even harder, swears that were address to he who had thrown the bottle. Namely to me! Then I had no other solution than to go on. This time I filled a few bottles of water, at least I would get a chance to spray them, and I started throwing them outside, without watching where and how. My anger had reached its climax. I could not understand how it was possible for three puts, after they had ruined my sleep and peace, especially the mental one, would now act as if I would have disturbed them… I didn’t even care if the bottles were to fall on their heads, all I wanted was revenge. I think I threw around 10-12 bottles. Then I stopped, exhausted. Outside, quiet. I stood, I believe, almost 5 minutes, to convince myself that they had really given up. Happy, I headed towards the bedroom. It was then when I heard the noises outside my front door. He must be here said one. A flump on the door convinced me that they were not going to ring the door not to give up. I had some time to run to the room to take out the gun and to shoot at them exactly when they headed towards me. I heard them and they started shouting.

Their shouts woke me up and I immediately realized that they were coming from outside.

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