Life is not a fractal in Hilbert’s space

Life is not a fractal in Hilbert’s space

David, D (Dorin David)

Studii de ştiinţă şi cultură. Vol. XI, 2, iun 2015

This paper focuses at one of Ioan Petru Culianu main idea: Religion is an ideal object, which means it is a fractalic system. To decipher what exactly this assertion of Culianu means, this study will track it back toward the sources of Culianu, briefly examining the concept of ‘fractal’ in Benoit Mandelbrot’s theory and its processing in Rudy Rucker’s view. After presenting the point of view of Culianu, this article will end with an analysis on the selected topic.

Keywords: Ioan Petru Culianu; Rudy Rucker; Benoit Mandelbrot; fractal; ideal object

Full article available to download:

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