Lansarea romanului “Primii Pasi” la Bookfest – rectificare

Lansarea romanului “Primii Pasi” la Bookfest

Spectacular Lucerne (Luzern)

Lucerne is full of history, not only recent, but going back to Ice Age and beyond, about 2 million years ago, when it was a Subtropical place. Enjoy photography!

Argamum (Orgame), Romania

Orgame is the first Greek polis of actual Romania mentioned in historical documents (6th Century BC by Hecataeus of Milet). It was a huge city: it seems that most of the about 100 ha is still under the ground! Later on it was under Roman occupation (1st-5th century AD) and changed its name to Argamum.Continue reading “Argamum (Orgame), Romania”